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Anonymous asked: plan to make severa/lucina art for "the wings"?? she kinds of ship it ..

I’ve always shipped it thanks to ami

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acertainairhead asked: so do you still ship monochrome/checkmating?? even though you kind of hate RWBY now because of that prom hell ..

It’s the only reason why I’ll keep watching

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Anonymous asked: Do you think about rosesquared sometimes? i don't know why but it hit me hard

Tbh not really, but I love them 

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Anonymous asked: do you still ship schneekos?

it’s a good idea

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xlthuathopec asked: Hellloooooooo! I was just wondering if you knew that you were a super insanely amazing wonderful kickassawesome talented as fuck person? And did you also know that you're beautiful and that literally hundreds of people love you for being you? Just wanted to remind you of how fantastic you are c: <3

ghghhhh wow thank you so much I’m so flattered! This def raised my spirits thank you <3 ;;;;;;; v;;;;;;;;;;

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Ivory’s Writing Commissions


Hey, folks! I made a post a while ago asking if there would be any interest in purchasing commissions and there was enough response that I’ve decided to go for it. I have some surprise textbook costs as well as some other looming financial burdens that need to be cleared out of the way as soon as possible.

What I Will Write

  • I’m known primarily for fandom stuff and expect that is where most of the interest is, but I’m open to original works as well if I feel the commission is something I can write well enough to be worth a commission price.
  • Pretty much any ship. Poly stuff is fine. Also non-shippy stuff, any sort of gen story or interaction you can come up with. Have non-binary headcanons for characters or want different pronouns used for certain folks? I’ll happily oblige.
  • Violence, gore, and character death is fine as long as it doesn’t bump into the restrictions listed in the next section.
  • Smut. Yeah, more details on that below. But I will write porn commissions.

What I Won’t Write

  • Rape/sexual assault. I have incredibly stringent standards for portraying those subjects in writing and I’m not comfortable doing it for money.
  • Characters under the age of 18 in sexual situations.
  • Anything that just doesn’t sit right with me. I reserve the right to refuse a commission for personal reasons.


Since this is my first rodeo, as it were, I’m starting out with $1 per 100 words, tapering all the way up to a 5000 word max at $50. I’m not going over 5k right now because I want to have a smooth turnover on commissions and not have anyone waiting too long, especially since I’ll be working on these when I have spare time between classes.

In regards to smut, I’m happy to write a pretty wide variety of kinks and scenarios. However, I may up the price to $2 per 100 words if it’s particularly complicated. Porn takes longer to write and it has a lot of factors involved.

I’m starting with three slots so things don’t get stacked up too fast.

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

For those who aren’t sure about word count, here are examples at 700 words, 1300 words, 1600 words2500 words, and just over 5000 words. Please note most of these links are NSFW. A gen example is available here.

If you’re interested in some Ivory-style writing, you can send an ask or an email at courier.ninety.two@gmail.com with your request and how many words you’re looking for,although even if we start chatting on tumblr, I will likely need an email at some point to send you samples and then the completed product. 

If I go ahead with your commission, I’ll forward my Paypal email address (different than the one above) to you. With proof of payment, I will start working on your story! When it’s finished, it will be emailed out and/or posted, depending on your preference.

As a final note, if you aren’t interested in getting any writing from me, but would still like to help out with a donation, I can also send my Paypal through a message. I’m hoping to ease a pretty large weight off my mom’s side of things and it would be endlessly, infinitely appreciated. The same goes with any signal boosting. Thank you so much. 

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flourshadow asked: How's your commish and stuff?

Working on the 3rd slot :D you can check my progress at the bottom here  the link is NSFW nsfw nSFW haha

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Anonymous asked: Do you have original stuff on the interweb somewhere? Your drawings are so good, just want to see what you do with your own stuff!

I do… I just never show it :’> 

i’ll make a ‘professional’ blog one day with all my art projects and OC shenanigans 

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Since RWY wanted Blake to go to the dance so bad they should’ve been the ones to dance with her

all of them

yeah i know, bumbleby did some twirls for like one second

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an-everlasting-void asked: Just wanted to drop by and say I love your art, and especially your medieval!au. Though it would be cool to see if I could try and dig up more ladybug by you, so I'm gonna go do that.

thank you! I still have to design medieval yang and ruby hahaha. I haven’t touched that au for centuries. 

yeah, ladybug’s really cute~