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Some Rosesquared thoughts (long as hell)


Ruby is taking a bath. She sees a big spider crawling along the bathtub and screams.

Crescent Rose busts open the bathroom door like “Master what’s wrong?!”

"Crescent rose! there’s a big spider crawling on the edge of the tub!" Ruby pointed at the spider.

Crescent looks at her with a determined expression. “I’ll take care of it master.” the weapon carefully removes the spider by taking it to the window and releases it outside.

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Anonymous asked: DAT FIC SO GOOD. Darn That was awesome

YES T_T thanks again ggungabyfish!♥︎

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hanasaku-shijin asked: I... honestly have no idea how I never realized I wasn't following you until now. I mean I guess just cause your posts are so great they always circulate onto my dash it FELT like I was following you? Either way wow I'm sorry it took me so damn long but gOD I love everything you do omg ;u;

Oh hey friend!! no need to apologize for that ; u ; thank you so much for leaving such kind words u///u

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Chewed Out

I hope you like it, Bon!


"Your Majesty."

Queen Schnee looked up from her scrolls. “Yes?”

Jaune, the steward, stood in the door. “Um, I just wanted to let you know that Lady Blake has returned from her mission. She’s waiting for you in her quarters.”

The queen placed her quill onto her desk and stood up. This was odd. Usually Blake would come straight to her study or would go wait for her in the queen’s bedroom. Very odd, indeed. “All right. Thank you, Jaune.”

As soon as she was out of sight from the steward, Weiss began to run, kicking off the high boots she usually wore so that way she wouldn’t trip. Fear pooled in her gut at the thought of why Blake wouldn’t be in her bedroom. A dozen different scenarios went through her head.

She reached the carved black oak door carved w/ Blake’s personal symbol and tore it open.

The knight had taken off her armor, stripped down to her waist, and was struggling with a bloodied bandage on her left arm while sitting on her bed.


Blake’s feline ears stood up straight, and she looked up to see her lover standing in the doorway. “Oh, Your—Your Majesty, I was just, um, I can—”

"What happened?"

"Um, well, it’s nothing bad, I promise, I—"

"What. Happened.” Weiss asked, walking in and closing the door behind her. Already she was planning as to what kind of punishment she would enact on the ones who hurt her champion.

The woman sighed. ‘Well, guess I better tell her.’ “We were ambushed during patrol. A couple of Adam’s small-time lackeys decided it would be fun to shoot crossbow bolts at us. I guess someone decided to aim at me and glanced me.” Blake then said again “Yes, Ruby and Crescent Rose are fine. I’m the only who was hit.”

The queen stood there for a moment. Blake felt as if she was in the dungeon again when she had been captured the first time. 

It then turned to surprise when Queen Schnee sat down next to her and threw her arms around her right side. Then she was even more surprised when the monarch started to cry silently, shoulders shaking in little sobs.

Placing her uninjured arm around her lover, she hugged her close. “Hey, I’m okay. Believe me, I’ve gotten in worse scrapes than this.” She thought for a moment and then frowned. “Can’t think of anything right now but…”

"I love you."

"Hmm?" She looked down to see the queen’s eyes, shining with tears, gazing up into hers. "Weiss?"

"I love you, and if anything ever happened to you, I’d…"

"Shhh," the knight said< placing a finger on her lips, "I love you, too, and I swear to you that I will always find a way back to you." Then she replaced her finger with her lips, kissing the ruler slowly and gently.

When they had to pull back due to lack of air, Weiss said with a soft smile “How’s your arm?”

"It’ll be okay. Why do you ask?"

"How about I have Pyrrha take a look at it, then we’ll get something to eat, and then," her smile turned into a sexy smirk, "how about I show you the depths of my affection, hmm?”

"I think I’m up for that."


There ya go, Bon. Enjoy!

this was beautiful and gave me so many feels 


thank you

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Anonymous asked: Could you please draw Ruby/human Crescent Rose?


i wen t overboard hahhhaha ;; 

(also tagging bonpyro cause ye) (nsfw)

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Anonymous asked: What!? Why no RWBY!?

Because I want to continue making free rwby art LAUGHs.

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Anonymous asked: I wanna try be friends with you but I'm too much of an awk butt

Oh I am an awkward butt too

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Putting up commissions in a few days if things go well

Heads up, no rwby allowed sorry!! 😂

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Anonymous asked: You know, I just realized that one "Here she is my piece of shit girlfriend" screencap Dogtit posted of Blake and Weiss looks a lot like one of your comics. I don't remember exactly what it was, but Blake was making Weiss feel better or something by showing her off as the perfect girlfriend idk :P

just reblogged it


was a collabo w/da wings dashingicecream 

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Anonymous asked: Is anyone else kinda scared of seeing Blake and Neo face off one-on-one? Like, they can both create clones of themselves, but unlike Blake's, that disappear, Neo's stay where they are, which serves as a good distraction and make it harder to discern where she actually is.

What is fun without a challenge💅

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Anonymous asked: Neo. I need her. I scream. You scream. We all scream for Neopolitan

She makes me hungry